The revolution will not be televised.
11:50 PM

12:19 PM

platomic, 2014 Acid Washed Dreams.
12:05 PM"Accustom yourself to the belief that death is of no concern to us, since all good and evil lie in sensation and sensation ends with death. Therefore the true belief that death is nothing to us makes a mortal life happy, not by adding to it an infinite time, but by taking away the desire for immortality. For there is no reason why the man who is thoroughly assured that there is nothing to fear in death should find anything to fear in life. So, too, he is foolish who says that he fears death, not because it will be painful when it comes, but because the anticipation of it is painful; for that which is no burden when it is present gives pain to no purpose when it is anticipated. Death, the most dreaded of evils, is therefore of no concern to us; for while we exist death is not present, and when death is present we no longer exist. It is therefore nothing either to the living or to the dead since it is not present to the living, and the dead no longer are."

— Epicurus, Letter to Menoeceus
2:01 PM"Let the world call you lazy
for not running about
like a frightened ghost."

— Mooji
12:25 AM

Also I need to update my party beats selection, suggestions?

12:05 AM

back from fieldcamp

lesson learned : handstand beer bong is hardcore¬†

things accomplished : making a reserved 55 year old and 5 foot tall female environment teacher shotgun a beer


Magical crater on Flickr.

Jay Isaac

"Pictures in an exhibition" Series (1)

 “Somewhere All the Time” 2014 colored pencils on paper, cm 30x21
for “JUXTAPOZ ITALIANO” with Nicola Verlato, Fulvio di Piazza and Agostino ArrivabeneTHE ITALIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE, LOS ANGELESSeptember 10 trough October 1 , 2014

Lizzy Gadd is as magical of a human being as you would expect her to be. She gracefully glided through the island with her beautiful pup pepper at her heels. It was so amazing to finally meet this talented lady. 
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