The revolution will not be televised.

Shae DeTar
Peter Lee
Benoit Paillé - Obscene Cloud
Margaret Durow
Paul Bailey
Dustin Adams
Joanna Pallaris

Nebulae by Diego Gravinese
Peter Lee
Tommy Nease by Nick hopper

Kieron Foster
Anonymous: I'm such a nervous driver. I remember driving and my parents were in the car and all I kept thinking was "if I swerve just a little, we could all die" and it took so much not to swerve, and I don't know why. I can't think of two other things. Sorry.

Haha it’s fine, I like this, I do this often too except not out of fear or stress. Just turn the wheel a little to the left and hit that car face to face and we all die. We’re SOOO close to it all the time. That or like standing on the side walk and thinking, “I could jump on that car’s windshield right now.” *next car passes* “This one too.” “Oh it would be really awful on that bus coming there.” lol.

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