The revolution will not be televised.
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Anyone knows/can find that quote which goes something like : “As medicine and science progresses, human characteristics become diagnosed, specific behavior labelled and natural particularities have become diseases in need for cures.”

I know I reeeeeally don’t have it right but it says something alike in part of the quote. It may just have been some words on an image going around tumblr without any source too Idk.

10:30 PM"Many people dedicate their lives to actualizing a concept of what they should be like, rather than actualizing themselves.
This difference between self-actualization and self-image actualization is very important. Most people live only for their image"

— Bruce Lee
Clemens Fantur

Mircea Suciu 

And another
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Was playing around with my camera and some broken glass, and I captured this. (OC)

Hans Makart, The Death of Cleopatra (detail)
Sophie Fontaine
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Man I can’t wait to see how fucked up the new generation will be when they get to their 20’s. Like the internet is fucking them up reaaaaaal good. They really won’t all be able to cope with this.


Breathing underwater, Kate Bellm
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